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1806 South Alpine Suite D
Rockford IL 61108
Phone(815) 226-0286
Fax(815) 226-8587

Having been a nurse for twelve years, I have worked in many different kinds of facilities and had numerous supervisors. Super Nurs is and has been my favorite job. The office staff is great to work with. The flexibility in not being tied to a specific schedule is great and a pay day every week makes budgeting so much easier.
I work for Super Nurs....and I love my job!
Laura G. L.P.N.


Super Nurs really cares about every employee and helps them reach their full potential. I beleive this is because of their Christian ethics.
I also appreciate the wonderful health benefits offered by Super Nurs, which I find very rare for a Nursing Staffing Agency.
Jeff K. L.P.N.

I was a CNA for Super Nurs for 3 years while I completed my nursing degree. I cannot tell you how helpful they were in helping me to acheive my goals. They were willing to work around my schedule,which enabled me to have an income while going to school and raising two small children. When I recieved my degree as an R.N., Super Nurs continued to work with me after I began my full time job at the hospital. I continued to pick up some weekend hours and I have truly enjoyed my entire experience with Super Nurs. :)
Donna K. R.N.